Top 10 Reasons U.S. Christians will be Disappointed when Jesus Returns

A lot of Americans are very attached to their way of life, form of government, and the concept of “God and Country”. Here are my top 10 reasons why Christians in the United States will be disappointed when Jesus Christ returns.

10. Jesus shows up to rule, unelected by the people.

9. Jesus admits to never stepping foot into a voting booth.

8. Jesus makes laws without a system of checks and balances.

7. Jesus keeps saying he doesn’t know these televangelists.

6. Jesus refuses to endorse the Republican or Democrat party.

5. Jesus seems a little upset about the way we’ve been treating each other.

4. Jesus takes office, claims he’s not subject to term limits.

3. Jesus looks nothing like Kenny Loggins.

2. Jesus pays his taxes after finding some money in the mouth of a fish.

1. It turns out that Jesus has no Visa, is an illegal immigrant.

Author: T Glyptic

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