To Victory! Sooner or Later the Daleks Will Win.

I saw this poster on a wall and had to capture the moment. The Doctor should have an episode where the Daleks win, just once. I mean, come on. It’s so predictable. But we love it anyways.

Why do we love heroic stories so much? I think it is woven into our DNA that we need a savior. Yet our sin flawed existence takes those desires and turns them into destruction. We end up idolizing men and women. We turn them into gods and worship them. We do it to the man on the stage in the megachurch, and the movie star on the screen. We do it to industry “thought leaders” (whatever that is), and even family members.

In the end, there is only one who has the power to save you for all eternity. It isn’t the Doctor, and it isn’t the preacher. It isn’t even you. Only Jesus Christ can save you.

Chains – Destruction Falls

Author: T Glyptic

My secret is God, my might and strength, my Father who lives.

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