The Dark Side of Love

The Dark Side of Love is a song inspired by Zephaniah 3 and the message by Dr. J. Vernon McGee. People often associate the love of God with good feelings, happy thoughts, blessings, and even prosperity. However, there is much darker side to His love. One that makes us uncomfortable to talk about or imagine. One that can invoke terror.

It is the dark side of love—God’s love. And in order to make this clear, perhaps I should brief you on a terrifying scene.

Dr. J Veronon McGe

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Woe to the city of oppressors, rebellious and defiled
Safety and security were left for her to revile
Her evening wolves leave nothing for the morning
She knows no shame to spite my every warning

I am the destroyer of nations
I lay waste to their cities
The streets are empty attractions
Jerusalem, I thought you would fear me

The whole world will be consumed
By the fire of my jealous anger
It’s a dangerous perfume
Poured out from the dark side of love

Purify the lips of my people
Bring low the high and mighty
Raise up the meek and humble
Bring back your captives before your very eyes

Author: T Glyptic

My secret is God, my might and strength, my Father who lives.

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