Divergent, What It’s All About

Tonight, I watched Divergent. Let me preface this review with this. I have not read the Divergent book, they’re not my style. So why did I watch the movie, you ask? Because I’m married, that’s why.

Divergent is a story of a young woman who expects to discover her purpose in life, only to discover that she doesn’t fit in anywhere. To me, this sounds a lot like high school. As it turns out, being different is bad. Really bad. Not as bad as the movie, but still. The people call this state “divergent”. People who are divergent are unable to be controlled by the smart people.

Ah, the smart people. The elitist left or right, who know how to better handle things than everyone else. They also know how to use mind control against law enforcement. So they use this mind control technology to attempt to take over the city. But I’m sure you can guess that our leading roles, who are a divergent, stop them.

I’m sure that to a teenager, these events would translate well into their own life events in High School. But to the rest of the world, it would translate well to recent events in Missouri, Turkey, or the Ukraine. But what it’s really like is the Middle East where being anything other than Muslim will end in the death of you and your family. Because, well, you are divergent. You are awake, and you won’t conform.

Are you awake? Are you paying attention to the signs? Jesus is coming back someday soon, and things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.

Industrial Influences: Deitiphobia

Deitiphobia - Fear of God

The first time I heard Deitiphobia (circa 1989), I was a volunteer DJ at a local Christian radio station. They were known as Donderfliegen at the time. Industrial or even electronic music was, at the time, unheard of. But here was a band that sounded like nothing else at the time. I’m sure they sounded a bit like Skinny Puppy, but they had a sound of their own. Fear of God was their first real debut. It’s a rare gem.
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Don’t Fear the Reaper

Reaper. It’s more than just a grim story. It’s also a DAW – or Digital Audio Workstation – from Cockos. It’s also the DAW of choice for Glyptic Minority.

When I first started making music electronically on a PC, somewhere in the mid to late 90’s, I bought Sonic Foundry‘s Acid. They were cutting edge at the time and held the title for some of the best audio editing tools available. They later sold their audio tools to Sony for only 18 million. I spent a lot of cash on their various products over a 15 year period. Once you get into a work flow, it can be difficult to change.

In the end, Sony all but killed the Acid Pro family. Version 7 is still the latest pro version, and has been for years. A few years ago I wised up and started looking for a better DAW. Acid just wasn’t cutting it (pun intended). That’s when I found Reaper.

In comparison to Acid, Reaper had a very similar workflow, which really turned me on to using it. The major difference was that Reaper was so more advanced, and easy to use, that my mind was blown. What else was amazing was the price and upgrade policy. Not only did it cost much less than Pro Tools, Logic, or others, it included 2 full version upgrades. I used to drop $100 to $150 for an upgrade to Acid. More for other DAW’s.

There are other DAW’s in a similar price range, but they pale in comparison.

Every producer is partial to their own DAW. In the end, it boils down to workflow and personal preference. Reaper is an amazing tool. If you’re looking for one or just want to give it a try – go ahead and download it for free.

As Fire Falls, Band from Boise Rocks

As Fire Falls is a rock band from Boise Idaho with some metal and industrial influences. When I say that, think Linkin Park – with more rock. I don’t normally give these types of bands a listen, but they happened to be playing at a little festival in a park last weekend. They rocked it pretty hard to spite the heat. Plus, they appear to be independent and fairly new.

I’m not going to say that they are flat out amazing like Celldweller or anything, but they are a band to watch and see grow into something amazing. The guys in the band looked pretty young to boot. They’re off to a good start. I’m looking forward to hearing how they grow and transform over time.