Now Available: Psalm 88 #IndustrialMetal

Psalm 88 is an industrial metal song about some of the struggles we face with faith and life. Our minds and emotions often run into difficult questions. This song is heavy both lyrically and musically. So get ready for battle.

This song is available everywhere good music is sold online. I recommend Amazon, for DRM free music.

Psalm 88: Read the lyrics
Psalm 88: Read the Scripture
Psalm 88: Read the Blog

Grab the last album Destruction Falls for free!

As Fire Falls, Band from Boise Rocks

As Fire Falls is a rock band from Boise Idaho with some metal and industrial influences. When I say that, think Linkin Park¬†– with more rock. I don’t normally give these types of bands a listen, but they happened to be playing at a little festival in a park last weekend. They rocked it pretty hard to spite the heat. Plus, they appear to be independent and fairly new.

I’m not going to say that they are flat out amazing like Celldweller or anything, but they are a band to watch and see grow into something amazing. The guys in the band looked pretty young to boot. They’re off to a good start. I’m looking forward to hearing how they grow and transform over time.

Stryper – No More Hell to Pay via Amazon Prime

Today I checked out the new Amazon Prime Music. Since I already have a Prime account, I couldn’t resist seeing what they had. A perfect chance to check out albums I don’t already own and might not pay retail for. And while Stryper is a group of highly talented individuals, they aren’t a band I would add to my “must buy list”. Continue reading

Deadset AD Album Cover

A Long, Long Time Ago…

In a galaxy far, far away…

There was a band called Deadset AD. This was pre-Glyptic Minority and post-STP. STP (Stranger Than Phiction) is another story from another galaxy, call it a prequel. There are some really crazy stories from each of those bands, but this post is dedicated to Deadset, a metal-core band with a split personality. Just don’t try to visit the old website url… last I knew it was not kid friendly.


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