Back After a Week on Holiday

So I’ve been gone this last week, on the Oregon coast. It was nice and cool there, about 70 degrees – compared to 100 back home. Sometimes you need to take some time away from whatever it is you do on a daily basis.

This week I’ll be able to take a fresh look at the tracks I’m working on. Especially Psalm 88, which is set to release later this month.

I also took some new photos while there, and will be creating some nice industrial art with them for my posts this week. The photo on this post was taken on the coast as well.


The Unimaginable, Fantastic Journey

Honestly, GM has been around longer than I ever thought it would be. And it has been worth the effort, if for no other reason than self expression. But the thought of the music and it’s message might impact others, is itself a driving factor of sorts. I know the music doesn’t fit in the to 40. But somehow that makes me happy.

My stance on human rights is an essential part of me. Dating back to the first album with “Kill the Unwanted”, my pro-life, pro-human-rights position has bled through the music. The song Stand Up, Rise Up from Destruction Falls is no different. I hope it challenges you to take a stand so that more people can experience this unimaginable, fantastic journey we call life.

Stand Up, Rise Up