2 Hour New Track Challenge: Isaiah 53

Today I challenged myself to produce a new track in a couple of hours. I had no lyrics, no music to start with. And then I wrote this song, based on Isaiah 53.

Isaiah 53

5 Tips for Fast Songwriting

Is there a secret to writing songs fast? Here’s how I did it at least.

  1. Don’t be a perfectionist
  2. Write within your comfort zone
  3. Keep it simple (stupid)
  4. Set a cutoff time/deadline
  5. Publish it before you can change your mind

That’s really it. So here you are, listening to a piece that was created within a couple of hours after work.

Industrial Influence: Mad at the World

Mad at the World might seen like an odd influence if you are familiar with them. I say that because most people probably remember them for albums like Season of Love, Boomerang, Through the Forest, and The Ferris Wheel. But Roger and Randy Rose started the band with a completely different sound. In 1987 their debut album was euro-synth-pop the likes of Depeche Mode. It caught my ear back in ’87, but not like their second release “Flowers in the Rain” in 1988. This album was similar in sound, but more edgy and guitar driven. I would liken it to Gary Numan.

Flower in the Rain

Skip to the 2nd track in this video to give the title track a listen. The song Puppet Strings features Randy on vocals. His raspy voice is incredible. I would love to hear this album re-recorded and produced by Travis Wyrick.


The band went on to produce several more rock albums. Randy went on to produce some solo work as well. It’s an interesting thing for me to look back at how different bands helped to shape my musical tastes. These guys are cool in my book.

Led from Darkness and Death-Dark Gloom

Industrial music is often a portrayal of a mindset cast in darkness. This is an accurate depiction of the human condition. But the story doesn’t end there. Mankind has a rescuer in Jesus Christ.

For this I say to that which once enslaved me, “No, you’re not going to take me. No, you’re not going to get me.” This is what “Chains” from the album Destruction Falls means to me.

In their trouble they cried to Adonai,
and he rescued them from their distress.
He led them from darkness, from death-dark gloom,
shattering their chains. Psalm 107:13, 14

Chains – Destruction Falls

Under Midnight - Void

Industrial Influence: Under Midnight – 20 Years Later

In 1992, an industrial band of the Christian variety released their first album. This self titled album was pretty good for a 1992 sophomore effort. The album focused on the telling of a futuristic sci-fi story of a humanoid wanting to discover if he had a soul. The story telling part of the album really drew me in, being just a teenager at the time. Songs like Babylon USA and Die to Myself are both classics.

Then, in 1994, they released their second and last album titled “Void”. I felt like this album really brought them out into their own and showed that they could have a sound all their own.

This album was very strong in my mind, and for the life of me I don’t understand why they stopped here. “Lie to Me” is still fresh sounding, along with several other tracks. Many of the songs are incredibly catchy on top of having a good, hard industrial sound.

So now it’s 20 years after this release. I’m unable to pull anything up to find out what they are up to today. So, Under Midnight, if you’re listening, hit me up. Tell me what you’re doing now!