The Earth is Dying, But not for the Reasons You’ve Been Told

Everyday we are told that the planet is being destroyed. From our environment to to the ground beneath our feet. One group claims that we are entirely responsible. Mankind has polluted the planet. The other side claims that’s a bunch of nonsense.

The truth is, the planet began to decay when mankind allowed sin to enter the world. In the beginning, everything was perfect and undefiled. Now the earth groans for the end of days louder than ever before. Judgement is coming to mankind, and by the looks of things, it will be sooner rather than later.

Desolation – Destruction Falls

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Now Available: Psalm 88 #IndustrialMetal

Psalm 88 is an industrial metal song about some of the struggles we face with faith and life. Our minds and emotions often run into difficult questions. This song is heavy both lyrically and musically. So get ready for battle.

This song is available everywhere good music is sold online. I recommend Amazon, for DRM free music.

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Psalm 88 Heads to the Publishers

Well, the day has finally arrived. It’s the day when I quit endlessly tweaking a song and ship it out. I know you are going dig the new sound. It’s heavier than anything previously released.

“Really digging the sound man! Refreshing to hear this kind of sound especially from you because you mesh the metal with the electronic industrial vibe really well in a sort of analog digital way.”

The expected release date is August 27th.

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