My 8 Year Old Discovered the Drums Were Hooked Up to the Synth

And this is what happened. He grabbed his Blue Man Group drums sticks, turned out the lights and had fun. That’s the way to make music. For fun, #notforprofit.

Don’t Stop Making Music – Ever

Often times artists, for one reason or another, quit. They sell their instruments and gear, and just move on. We never know how many of them were just on the cusp of making something great before they quit.

Some people might think that making music is easy, and you could do it in your sleep. But those of us who work at our crafts, know better. If nothing else, it requires time. Lots of time. Continue reading

The People Who Walked in Darkness

Those of us who belong to The Way, know well the darkness we once lived in. Former drug dealers and addicts, alcoholics, and murderers all come to a place in the open and in the light.

But there are other types of darkness. There is a darkness of religious pride. Like the parable of the man who was beaten, left for dead, and passed up by the religious leaders because they were too busy.

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