2 Hour New Track Challenge: Isaiah 53

Today I challenged myself to produce a new track in a couple of hours. I had no lyrics, no music to start with. And then I wrote this song, based on Isaiah 53.

Isaiah 53

5 Tips for Fast Songwriting

Is there a secret to writing songs fast? Here’s how I did it at least.

  1. Don’t be a perfectionist
  2. Write within your comfort zone
  3. Keep it simple (stupid)
  4. Set a cutoff time/deadline
  5. Publish it before you can change your mind

That’s really it. So here you are, listening to a piece that was created within a couple of hours after work.

When You Find Yourself Enjoying the Music

Today I found myself just enjoying the new track I’ve been working on. I think that’s when you know that you have something. I sat down to push some more creativity into it’s canvas, and found myself just enjoying the song. I still managed to improve on the overall sound, and added something extra.

Psalm 88 – Album Cover Art

I’ve been using a version of this image for my Psalm 88 blog posts. It’s a photo I took in my back yard. When I look at it I see something growing where nothing should be growing – on a rock. It’s a picture of solitude and emotion, much like what the author of Psalms 88 could have been expressing.

Normally when you think of industrial music, you think of machines and man-made grime. But not today. Today it is the beauty of nature.

Psalm 88: Vocal Recording Complete

Today I wrapped up the vocal recording. Listening to it again right now, I can hear a number of different influences. I’m thinking of Mortal’s 2nd full album, Fathom. Fathom is an incredible album.

There’s some definite tones there from Lusis as well, and you can listen to it on Amazon Prime Music. Distortion, smoothing out the vocals, along with heavy guitars.

Tough stuff. Next on the agenda: creative editing.

Psalm 88 – Chorus is Now Solid, Heavy Hitting

Today I finally chose a direction for the vocals on the chorus of this song. It went from Led Zeppelin to Skinny Puppy to Rage Against the Machine. In the end I went with something a little different, tapping into my punk rock roots. The chorus breaks down pretty hard, like an industrial hard core breakdown. It’s vicious. Can’t wait to share it with everyone.

In the meanwhile, here’s something else rather vicious to listen to.

Destruction Falls (The Title Track)