Suicide Sucks – The Life and Death of Robin Williams

The news of Robbin Williams’ death spread like wildfire yesterday, August 11, 2014. I didn’t write about it at the time, as I was trying to process my own thoughts on life, death, and suicide. Initial reports say he hung himself with a belt.

I grew up watching Robin in movies like Mrs. Doubtfire. I recall my own Grandfather really enjoying that film and a couple of others. As Robin grew older, I noticed a slight resemblance to my Grandfather. That’s the two of us below.


The death of Robin Williams also reminds me of how depression and suicide can attack anyone, regardless of faith. Faith can be an anchor, but I’ve seen people still succumb to their struggles to spite their faith in Jesus. I remember when Vince Ebo committed suicide in late 1993. His death shocked many of us who listened to him.

Vince Ebo with Charlie Peacock and Jimmy A

This song, “Unchain My Soul”, says it all. Vince had an amazing voice, and we all miss him.

Talk About Suicide

I’ve had several encounters with suicidal people. Sometimes I find myself in the middle of a divine appointment with someone about to attempt suicide. I thank God for those moments, and all of the moments afterwards with those people. If you’re reading this and feeling like quitting, there’s a better way to die. It involves killing the old you and nailing yourself to a cross.

Give your life to one who gave His for you. This God-man, Jesus Christ, sacrificed his own life so that you wouldn’t have to sacrifice your own.

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