Stryper – No More Hell to Pay via Amazon Prime

Today I checked out the new Amazon Prime Music. Since I already have a Prime account, I couldn’t resist seeing what they had. A perfect chance to check out albums I don’t already own and might not pay retail for. And while Stryper is a group of highly talented individuals, they aren’t a band I would add to my “must buy list”.

I got to meet and interview Michael Sweet at Jesus Northwest (in the 90’s) when he was in the middle of his solo career. He was an incredibly real and honest guy. I wouldn’t hesitate to hang with the guy, if you get the chance.

No More Hell to Pay


This album is very, very Stryper. If you like classic Stryper, you will love this album. It is everything you loved about them in the late 80’s and even early 90’s. Soaring guitars and vocals just like the old days. Michael has a way of hitting those high notes that is just amazing.

The message is still front and center of each song, but not at the expense of the music. Oz Fox shreds it like nobody’s business. The rest of the guys, Robert and Tim, are there as well. There aren’t a lot of bands that have that sort of bond to stick things out for 30+ years while staying true to their original sound.

Job well done, guys.

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