Questions, Doubt, Fear, and More

Often when we think of Christianity and the Bible, we don’t think of things like questioning life, doubting God, or fearing the future. However, if you take a look, you will notice that many of the people in the Bible experienced just that. Not all of them overcame their struggles. Many did horrific things as a result of fallen world, sin, and even mental breakdowns.

Judges 19 tells the horrible story of sexual sin and a man’s response to it. The man’s concubine was gang raped, and utterly destroyed mentally. The man in turn kills her, cuts her into pieces and sends them off to the twelve tribes.

And all who saw it said, “Such a thing has never happened or been seen from the day that the people of Israel came up out of the land of Egypt until this day; consider it, take counsel, and speak.”

When such things happen, we tend to shake our fists at God. We cry out because of injustice. We weep over tragedy. The Psalms are full of poetic songs expressing these emotions.

The track Psalm 88 will reach out to these emotions and questions.

Jesus came to set us free from our sin. But we still live in a time where we await His return. We live in the Kingdom now, but the completion is not yet. I believe there will be a day when all is made right, and an end to suffering will be complete.

Author: T Glyptic

My secret is God, my might and strength, my Father who lives.

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