Here’s to 2017 and to chasing our fears away in 2018

2017 has been a wild, wild ride for me. It was full of ups and downs – failures and successes. Tonight, I wanted to show 2017 that I had one more thing to give. Here is a brand new track – made this evening – titled “Chasing Fears”.


Let’s all chase away that which causes us to fear and press forward into the night in the new year!

Sin is the Cigarette

Tonight I decided to pull out an old song that had never been recorded (there are many), and landed on this one. Spent about 2 hours putting it together, and dropping it here – now.

Sin is the cigarette inhaled by your soul,
It helps you to forget and calms you for a while,
Slowly it takes your life and then it becomes you,
And you its sacrifice, strangled and blue.

I realize this an an impromptu track, but I hope you enjoy it.

Expect Much from God, Little from People

Never expect anything in return for being part of the Church. Instead, just feel blessed when you are blessed. Give thanks to God because every good and perfect gift comes from Him. People are just people. They will fail you.

America the Great, Crushed by Herself 

How is it that America came to be one of the greatest nations ever built? She is not perfect, not without fault. But she is nearing the end of the typical lifecycle, which would be tragic. The crushing weight of both government and industry out of control will destroy her. We don’t have a political or economic problem, we have a sin problem as dark as the heart of men.