On the Inside

The first full length song on Ugly on the Inside, is the title track. This song wastes no time with nice words, political correctness, or feels. There’s a large and growing school of thought today that people are basically good, and beautiful on the inside. And while that is a nice sentiment, and makes people feel good, it’s far from the truth. The hard truth is, we’re all ugly on the inside.

Sure, we might feel like we’re good at times, but our hearts deceive us and quickly turn on us. The heart of mankind is evil. There’s a sickness inside, like a storm brewing in the distance growing ever closer. Even the good, and kind things we do are like whitewashing a tomb, making it all pretty on the outside while we’re rotting within.

While this song paints a dark portrait of humanity, there is more to this story. I will continue to dig deeper with the next song.

Ugly on the Inside

Pretend that I’m okay when I’m falling apart
Never imagined that life would imitate art
I don’t know if it’s remorse or regret
The constant bad dreams haven’t let up yet

We’re all ugly on the inside
We were told that we were beautiful, but that’s a lie
You’re all ugly on the inside
There’s a sickness that comes from within, and then you die

Pretending I’m okay when I’ve fallen apart
Impending darkness broods as it swarms my heart
There is so much that I must hide
At times it seems like it’s impossible, but I still try

We all still deserve everything we get
And it’s much too late to try to turn back

Author: T Glyptic

My secret is God, my might and strength, my Father who lives.

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