New Track Update: Psalm 88, Read the Lyrics

I made some real progress today on the new track titled Psalm 88. Lyrics are finished. Vocal recording has begun. I wanted to share the lyrics with you tonight. They are, subject to change of course.

Catch up on the song’s history here.

Psalm 88 (adapted from Psalms 88)

When I fall, I will rise

Lord God of my salvation, I’m searching for You.
The waves keep pushing me back,  Don’t know what to do.
Let my prayer come before you, listen to my cry.
There is trouble in my soul, (When I fall) the grave has drawn nigh (I will rise).

Will the dead arise to praise your name?
Does your steadfast love reach into the grave?
Will forgotten ones see righteousness?
Does destruction know of your faithfulness?

My friends have pushed me away, My life a disgrace.
like an abomination, I can’t show my face.
You can see it in my eyes, hear it on my tongue.
I’m giving you both my hands (When I fall), am I not your son (I will rise).

Why do you cast me away, hide from me your face.
Overwhelmed and terrified, I am helpless.
From every side ever since my youth,
You’re closing in, I’m on the verge of death.

Darkness is my only friend (save me)

Author: T Glyptic

My secret is God, my might and strength, my Father who lives.


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