Machine State
|\ Rise of the Machines /|

The concept for Machine State actually started with VirtualBox. VirtualBox is an OpenSource Virtual Machine piece of software. With it, you can run Linux on Windows or OSX, or vice versa. When you a virtual OS installed, it allows you to save the machine’s state instead of just powering it off. Thus, the concept for Machine State began.

I wanted this to be a heavy, fast tempo industrial track. In part, the style was inspired by industrial influence Deitiphobia. It has a definite old school feel to the beat, with a lot of modern twists and breakdowns.

To me, the song has moderate political implications. The State (government) is like a machine, full of (sometimes) working cogs and mechanisms. It is cold and lifeless. Don’t be assimilated, lest you too will become cold and lifeless.

Take a slow, deep breath. See if it doesn’t make you feel better.

Machine State – Destruction Falls

Author: T Glyptic

My secret is God, my might and strength, my Father who lives.

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