Industrial Influences: Deitiphobia

Deitiphobia - Fear of God

The first time I heard Deitiphobia (circa 1989), I was a volunteer DJ at a local Christian radio station. They were known as Donderfliegen at the time. Industrial or even electronic music was, at the time, unheard of. But here was a band that sounded like nothing else at the time. I’m sure they sounded a bit like Skinny Puppy, but they had a sound of their own. Fear of God was their first real debut. It’s a rare gem.

As time progressed, founders Wally Shaw and Brent Stackhouse released four more studio albums. All of which I own. Shaw later created Massivivid, which is another incredible project and a touch more mainstream rock, but still very industrial.

In addition to Massivivid, they also worked on the Wigtop album and X-Propagation. Both of those were on Blonde Vinyl records as well.

lofi-vs-scifi-coverLo:Fi vs. Sci:Fi, another rarity, was their last and best release. It’s a real shame that they haven’t gotten together for a followup because that album was headed in the right direction musically.

So, Wally and Brent… If you’re listening, drop me a line and lets make the next Deitiphobia album.

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