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Industrial Influence: Under Midnight – 20 Years Later

In 1992, an industrial band of the Christian variety released their first album. This self titled album was pretty good for a 1992 sophomore effort. The album focused on the telling of a futuristic sci-fi story of a humanoid wanting to discover if he had a soul. The story telling part of the album really drew me in, being just a teenager at the time. Songs like Babylon USA and Die to Myself are both classics.

Then, in 1994, they released their second and last album titled “Void”. I felt like this album really brought them out into their own and showed that they could have a sound all their own.

This album was very strong in my mind, and for the life of me I don’t understand why they stopped here. “Lie to Me” is still fresh sounding, along with several other tracks. Many of the songs are incredibly catchy on top of having a good, hard industrial sound.

So now it’s 20 years after this release. I’m unable to pull anything up to find out what they are up to today. So, Under Midnight, if you’re listening, hit me up. Tell me what you’re doing now!

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