Gear Head: Glitch 2 (VST Plugin)

I first came across the glitch (ver. 1) plugin a couple of years ago. I looked into it because I wanted the sound of Izotope’s Stutter plugin but didn’t want to pay the price. Not because their plugins are bad, I own several. I think that at the time I just couldn’t justify the expense.

The early version of the plugin was very cool for the low price of free. But it lacked an elegant user interface and a few features like layering or combining effects. Enter Glitch 2.

Glitch 2 isn’t free, but it’s well worth the asking price. And while I’m sure you could download a bootleg copy, don’t. Support good developers by dropping a little dough. They deserve it.

Control – Ctrl+Alt+Del

This track features the first version of Glitch, which is still free and available for Windows. I’m currently working on new tracks with Glitch 2.

Author: T Glyptic

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