Faith Picks Up Where Science Leaves Off

Some people think that science is the  arch-nemesis of faith. Typically, this mindset is only held by those who think faith is a ridiculous thing. Those within the faith community see it differently. They see science as a construct, or evidence of their faith.

Science is great at defining natural laws, observing the way things work. What it doesn’t do is tell us why things work. How and why are two very different things. Science can demonstrate how an atom can split, how an apple falls from a tree, or how two chemicals react when mixed together.

“Why?” is the question that goes unanswered by science. Why does all of this matter exist? Why does all of it behave in a manner that allows plants to grow, people to sing, and fire to burn? The naturalist will be able to boil the “why” down only so many levels. And in the end, they take their own answer to “why” on faith.

At some point, we all take our existence on faith. What is your faith in?

Author: T Glyptic

My secret is God, my might and strength, my Father who lives.

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