Ugly on the Inside

Ugly on the Inside is a dark portrait of humanity. It takes you song by song through a story about depravity, the sovereignty, prophecy, and redemption. Available on most streaming platforms.

Destruction Falls

Destruction Falls is a dark and brooding industrial album. Previous albums from Glyptic Minority have featured mixed genres. Not so with Destruction Falls. This is a boot stomping, machine grinding, synth screaming album.


A three track EP featuring electronic glitchiness. You will hear touches of several sub-genres such as industrial, dub-step, IDM, and others. You will soon learn that we do not adhere to any such standard as a single genre.


LeveL is a dark and brooding album with soft touches. Like a weeping angel. It contains industrial rock anthems and melodic electro ballads.

In the Midst of Suffering Remixes

Obviously, these are some remixes from the full album below… If you enjoyed Ctrl+Alt+Del, you’ll enjoy these as well.

In the Midst of Suffering – 2004

This collection of songs speaks to suffering, the loss of those we love, and hope.

Experiments (in Digital Low-Fi) – 2002

It doesn’t get any grittier than this. The earliest of all things GM, this album is where it all began. Classic Glyptic.

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