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A Long, Long Time Ago…

In a galaxy far, far away…

There was a band called Deadset AD. This was pre-Glyptic Minority and post-STP. STP (Stranger Than Phiction) is another story from another galaxy, call it a prequel. There are some really crazy stories from each of those bands, but this post is dedicated to Deadset, a metal-core band with a split personality. Just don’t try to visit the old website url… last I knew it was not kid friendly.


Band Members

Deadset went through several band members. I was one of the founders, along with the drummer Pete, who also sings a couple if songs. We had Paul, who played guitars for a while and is featured on the album. He also sings one of the songs. Robert played bass on the album, while Corey played bass on the road later. I think after that, Gino played bass as well. Mike took my place as lead vocalist for a while. Then there was another kid that played guitar with us a couple times and recorded a track in the studio post-album. I still don’t remember who he is. I think there was one or two more people around the time that I left the band.

Touring, Playing Shows in the Northwest

We did a bit of touring in the Northwest, back in 2000 and 2001. They were good times to spite being broke and half insane. Like any good band, we had a white van that took us places. Sure, there weren’t actual seats in the back, but what could go wrong traveling down the interstate at 80 mph? We played shows in Utah, Idaho, and Oregon. While the crowds weren’t always there for every show, and we made a lot of church folk nervous, we always had fun.

The Music – Now Available for the First Time Online

Now you can listen or download the music from the album 2001 AD. Be sure to check out the artwork below.

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