Beyond Our Understanding

The introduction to the new album Ugly on the Inside is a short instrumental thematic industrial noise track. In essence, it’s dark and somewhat chaotic nature sets the scene for the rest of the album.

The noise patterns glitch, toms and snare pound rhythmically in the forefront. The ominous voice sampled in the background poses the question. “Can we be sure there are no supernatural laws beyond our understanding?”

The short song itself came into existence just 2 weeks before the completion of the album. N and I sat down after much of it was built and sampled the 1943 horror film Dead Men Walk on There was more gems in that film than just this one, but you’ll have to wait for those.

Ugly on the Inside

Ugly on the Inside

New music coming Friday, Feb 1st. This 6 song EP is industrial rock at it’s grittiest. Ugly on the Inside is a dark look into the human condition and the ultimate realization that is captured in the song Hole.

Track list:

Nearly all of the songs on this EP have been years in the making. Two in particular are about 20 years old, and have a deep history, but never before released. I will be releasing blog posts covering each song over the next few days. Let’s shoot for one a day, along with a preview of each song.

Ugly on the Inside

Back After a Week on Holiday

So I’ve been gone this last week, on the Oregon coast. It was nice and cool there, about 70 degrees – compared to 100 back home. Sometimes you need to take some time away from whatever it is you do on a daily basis.

This week I’ll be able to take a fresh look at the tracks I’m working on. Especially Psalm 88, which is set to release later this month.

I also took some new photos while there, and will be creating some nice industrial art with them for my posts this week. The photo on this post was taken on the coast as well.